Adaptalux modular camera flash arms for macro photography lighting

camera flash arms

Macro photographers searching for a modular way to light small subjects, may be interested in the Adaptalux flash arms created by the development team at Adaptalux Studio based in London. “Take your macro photography to a new level with Flash Lighting Arms that boost creativity, control and ease of use with our lighting system.”

Camera flash arms

Building on the previous systems created by the company, the latest Adaptalux macro photography lighting system has launched via Kickstarter this month and is now available to back with earlybird pledges starting from £119 offering a 20% discount off the recommended retail value. If all progresses smoothly worldwide shipping is planned to start around June 2020. Adaptalux Studio allows you to easily control the following lighting characteristics all under one product:

– LED Xenon Flash Lighting
– Number of light sources
– Independent light source brightness control
– Beam angle control
– Light source colour
– Light source direction
– App Control

“The Flash Arms have 5 output levels, which control the power and speed of the flash. Each arm can be controlled independently from the Pod or the app. Select from full 1:1 to 1:100 flash output modes, allowing you to capture those fast moving subjects. You can also turn off any connected Lighting Arms independently, if you only want to fire on one side of a subject for example.“

“The Adaptalux Flash Arms have been designed and developed in tandem with the Adaptalux Studio. They work in harmony with our existing products and are backwards compatible with all of our pods. The Adaptalux Studio is now not only the most adaptable LED studio for macro photography, but also the most adaptable Flash studio as well. “

Source: Kickstarter

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