Amazon Taking Steps Against Toxic School Supplies

An investigation by the Washington Attorney General’s Office has revealed that many children’s products sold on Amazon had high levels of lead and cadmium. Not good news. In fact, dangerous. The levels were higher than what’s allowed and we are talking school supplies that kids use. Amazon now says that it will have stricter rules across the country on sales of school supplies and jewelry.

The investigation found that items like pencil cases, backpacks, necklaces, bracelets, and more had toxic levels of lead and cadmium. Most of these products were for children since they had cartoon characters or were otherwise colorful for kids.

The investigators did two rounds of testing and discovered 51 products that had too much lead and cadmium content. Some pencil cases had 8,500 ppm of lead. That is 80 times over the legal limit.

Exposure to this kind of thing can lead to a variety of issues in kid’s developing bodies, such as brain damage and even death in some cases. Cadmium is a carcinogen. Which is why products for kids aren’t allowed to have higher levels than what is deemed safe.

The investigators also found that Amazon had sold at least 15,188 items which had high levels of toxic metals. Amazon has reached out to the customers who purchased these toxic items early this year after the report and it issued refunds while encouraging them to get rid of the products. Amazon will now ask sellers across the country to provide lab testing certifications for products that are aimed at children. Sellers won’t even be allowed to list their products on Amazon unless this happens.

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