Amazon’s Alexa to give medical advice from the NHS

The NHS has now teamed up with Amazon to bring its health information to Alexa. Now those who Google their medical symptoms can get answers from Alexa herself.

As a part of the NHS’ long term plan to make its services available digitally, users will soon be able to ask Alexa questions like “Alexa, how do I treat a migraine?” or “Alexa, what are the symptoms of chicken pox?” Then Alexa will give you information directly from the NHS website. Cure that headache with some 21st-century help.

It is being called a world first, and the collaboration is designed to help patients like the elderly and blind who can’t use the internet in traditional ways. This could also reduce pressure on the NHS and local GPs. So you won’t have to go to your doctor for every little thing. Of course, you should still go for any serious problem you may have.

And linking directly to official and reliable NHS information, users are less likely to encounter bad medical advice. If you have ever Googled your symptoms you know it can be trying to find advice that is accurate and helps. This should make it much easier to get relief.

Source Engadget

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