AMD Radeon VII 16GB launches today for $699 review roundup

AMD Radeon VII 16GB

If you are interested in learning more about the new AMD Radeon VII graphics card which launched today, we have compiled a list of reviews to help you get the best overall opinion throughout the tech world of the new 16 GB graphics card Now available to purchase in limited quantities $699. Designed to compete with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 new graphics card and AMD has doubled the memory bandwidth of the new AMD Radeon VII graphics card to a whopping 1TB/s.

Specifications of the new AMD Radeon VII GPU include :

– Compute Units : 60
– Peak Frequency : Up to 1800 MHz
– Base Frequency : Up to 1400 MHz
– Boost Frequency : Up to 1750 MHz
– Peak Pixel Fill-Rate : Up to 115.26 GP/s
– Peak Texture Fill-Rate : Up to 432.24 GT/s
– Peak Half Precision Compute Performance : 27.7 TFLOPs
– Peak Single Precision Compute Performance : 13.8 TFLOPs
– Peak Double Precision Compute Performance : 13.8 TFLOPs
– Stream Processors : 3840
– Transistor Count : 13.2 B

If you’re looking for a very detailed AMD Radeon VII review then you can’t go wrong with the Tech Power Up website. But here are a few more worth checking out :

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