AMD to share graphics technology with Samsung

AMD was very popular during Computex 2019, where it shared details on its third generation Ryzen CPUs and first Navi GPUs. But they also had other big news as well that no one expected. AMD has announced a multi-year partnership with Samsung, where AMD will license its Radeon graphics IP for use in Samsung smartphones and other mobile applications.

AMD’s technology will most likely be used in Samsung’s Exynos mobile processors. Even though AMD’s Radeon technology can be found in PCs, gaming consoles and cloud platforms, this is a way for AMD to get back into the smartphone market because it sold its Imageon graphics business back in 2009. And they can do so without having to build their own mobile processors too. The Radeon graphics were built for 15W – 65W PC processors. To customize the IP for Samsung’s chips, AMD will need to reduce the power to under 5W, but still maintain a high level of performance.

This is a huge move for the company. We probably won’t see the results of this partnership on the market for a few years though. And AMD could license more of its IP to other markets as well. This should be interesting to watch and see what happens.

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