ANCHOCO technical tips PCB cheat cards hit Kickstarter

PCB cheat cards

Most of us could use a little help remembering technical details from time to time whether we are in engineer, chemist or programmer. To help bit5 inc. located in Tokyo, Japan has created a range of PCB boards for various professions.

“Cheat sheet made from PCB(Printed Circuit Board) for various professions! ANCHOCO means crib sheet in Japanese. Every profession has those tips, not so frequently asked but still needed and important. ANCHOCO is made from PCB(Printed Circuit Board) in credit card size. In this project we focused on Electronics(Operational Amplifier), Programming (C language) and Generic Science/Chemistry (Atomic Periodic Table).”

technical tips PCB cards

– We believe understanding basics of Analog circuits extends your Digital world greatly. This card comes with the URL of LTSpice simulation circuits. You could use them before making your prototype to save time. URL will be sent at the end of the campaign when card shipped. Could be github.

– C language is one of the most primitive and strongest programming language. You can do almost everything in YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Dangerous? Yes!, might be. Understanding C means you could go deeper in the system. In this card, operator precedence, function pointer and multi dimensional arrays are focused on. You will use them sooner or later as an embedded engineer.

– If you are studying chemistry now, simply it is for you, We spent long hours which info. should be on it. If you need reading glasses to read dense information on the card, still this card is for you. The card reminds your good old days when you were young like old photo album? Atomic numbers on top side, Atomic weight on back side.

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