Android LastPass beta supports biometrics API and more

Android LastPass beta

Password manager LastPass has announced that its latest Android LastPass Beta release supports the biometrics API in Google’s Android 10 operating system enabling Google Pixel 4 smartphone owners to unlock their devices simply using their face. There are some great reasons why it’s a good idea to drop the use of passwords, as they are the root cause for 80% of all data breaches today says LastPass.

Passwordless technologies, specifically in the form of biometric authentication, allow users to securely log into their applications using their biometrics such as their face unlock, without ever needing to type a password. “We are excited to announce LastPass’ future support for face unlock authentication through Google’s Pixel 4 Android smartphone for all our customers, both business and consumer. Google’s Pixel 4 offers a passwordless solution that enables users to authenticate into their applications using facial recognition as opposed to a traditional username and password, providing a more seamless login experience for users coupled with higher levels of security. Our customers who use a Google Pixel 4 device will soon be able to authenticate into LastPass using the Pixel 4’s facial recognition technology.”

“Biometric factors allow for secure authentication on the Android platform. The Android framework includes face and fingerprint biometric authentication. Android can be customized to support other forms of biometric authentication (such as Iris). All biometric implementations must meet security specifications and have a strong rating in order to participate in the BiometricPrompt class. Biometrics are measured with the Imposter Accept Rate (IAR) and Spoof Accept Rate (SAR). “To learn more about biometrics in the latest Android operating system jump over to the official Android Source website.

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