Apple’s iOS 13 comes with a new Optimized Battery Charging feature

iOS 13

Apple’s iOS 13 comes with some great new features for the iPhone and iPad and now we have some details on another new feature called Optimized Battery Charging.

The new Optimized Battery Charging is a new feature that is designed to extend the life of your battery, it is founds in Settings in the Battery Health section.

Optimized Battery Charging

The feature will apparently learn from your personal habits and then use these to tailor a charging routine to suit you.

One example of how this works is that when your phone is charging overnight, Apple will charge the device to 80% and then wait until an hour before you get up to charge it the final 20%.

This will apparently keep your battery at optimal capacity as it is not sat on your charge at 100% continually charging for long periods of time. This could extend the life of your iPhones battery, exactly what sort of difference this will make to your device is not known at the moment. Apple is expected to release iOS 13 in September along with their new iPhones.

Source MacRumors

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