Apple’s Top iPhone XS Max Costs £1449, Their Most Expensive iPhone To Date

iPhone XS

Apple has announced its new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and these are the companies most expensive handsets to date.

Pricing for the new iPhone XS start at £999, this is the same price as the iPhone X started at, this is for the 64GB model of the handset.

If you want the 256GB version of the iPhone XS that it going to cost you £1,149 and the top model, the 512GB model is even more expensive at £1,349.

The new iPhone XS Max with its larger 6.5 inch display is even more expensive with prices starting at £1,099 for the 64GB model. If you want the 256GB model then this is going to cost £1249 and the top 512GB model costs a massive £1,449.

To put that into perspective the top model of Apple’s new iPhone costs more than a 21.5 inch iMac and also more than the 12 inch MacBook and Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Pro.

It will be interesting to see if the top model of the iPhone XS Max with the massive price tag becomes popular. What do you guys think, is the device worth the high price, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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