Astell & Kern A&norma SR15 Music Player Launches For $699

Astell  Kern Anorma SR15 Music Player

Astell Kern has this week announced the availability of a new portable music and media player in the form of the Astell Kern Afutura SE15 which is now available to purchase priced at $699 and features a tilted off centre screen. The new device forms the beginning of AK’s new Anorma “standard” line of devices which offer more affordable devices based on the company’s more expensive hardware.


Internally within the Afutura SE15 music player, Astell Kern have equipped the device with a dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC powered by a quad core processor and equipped with a 3.3-inch WVGA (800 x 480) TFT LCD all enclosed in an aluminium alloy body. Technology provides users with the ability for native DSD and PCM playback up to 24-bit/192kHz, Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX HD support. “Anorma sets the standard of Hi-Fi audio for novice listeners. The SR15, the first model of Anorma, is the beginning point of the Hi-Fi Audio experience that allows you to enjoy the philosophy and technologies of AstellKern, which is accolated by audiophiles around the world.”

Astell  Kern Anorma SR15 Music Player

“Anorma SR15 has adopted the MasterHIFI™ class DAC, CS43198 for the first time in a portable system. At AstellKern, we believe that true Hi-Fi should sound as close as possible to the original performance. The CS43198 is one of few DAC chipsets that is capable of bringing us even closer to the original when it’s matched with the analog amp design of AstellKern. In result, it brings even more liveliness and warmth of sound without distortion.” For more information, full specifications and purchasing options for the Anorma SR15 which is available from just $62 per month jump over to the official Astell Kern website by following the link below.

Source: Verge : AK

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