Axibo Pan powered camera slide, pans and tilts using A.I

Axibo Pan powered camera slide

Photographers looking to upgrade their existing camera slide system may be interested in a new tilt, slide and pan system called the Axibo Pan. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the robotic slide system and how it can control your camera to provide a wealth of creative options for product shots, interviews and more.

“Axibo, offer a complete pan, tilt and slide robotic system for your Camera. Axibo is smart, Really, really smart, with an integrated A.I processing unit. So why create Axibo? Accessibility. Robotic camera systems (without intelligence) are far too expensive and difficult to use for most content creators. Axibo brings pro-features and so much more, while also being affordable and easy to use.“

Camera Pan and tilt features

– Easily mounts on any tripod
– Can be stored in a camera bag for taking on faraway adventures
– Modular mounting adapts to most camera systems (1/4in thread, Manfrotto RC2)
– Rugged Aluminum construction with precision bearings and gearing
– Works in inverted mode
– Integrated 40fps tracking camera (4Mp)

Camera Slide features

– Supports angled/vertical motion
– Rigid carbon fiber construction for smooth shooting.
– Multiple mounting options, including dual 1/4-20 on either end.
– 1000(mm) slider length.

“The Axibo controller can be used without any of the robotic features. You can power and control your camera from the Axibo controller. Let’s face it, camera batteries never last long enough but we’ve got you covered. The controller also lets you use the auto triggering features.”

Source: Kickstarter

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