Batfree Apple Watch battery strap

Batfree Apple Watch battery strap

Apple Watch users looking to extend the battery life of their wearable device may be interested in a new Apple Watch battery strap called the Batfree. Launched via Kickstarter this week the Apple Watch battery strap is available from just $35 or roughly £26 for super early bird backers offering a 56% saving off the recommended retail price of $79, which will take effect once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end.

Batfree Apple Watch battery strap

The Apple Watch battery strap is IP 68 waterproof and weighs just 100g offering a way to easily wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and provide an extra life before a charge needed. Batfree has two high quality 300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable batteries embedded in the sides of the strap, which combined, provide an extra 27 hours of battery life for your Apple Watch on a single charge. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the compatibility and capabilities of the Apple Watch strap.

“The Apple Watch is without a doubt the perfect smartwatch. It is the perfect accessory for active lifestyles and busy people. But all of its incredible features can put a strain on battery life and constant on-the-go use will quickly drain its battery. There are many charging pads, stands, and docks available to keep Apple Watch powered up however, they are not able to provide instant charging while you are on-the-go. So we made Batfree, a sleek strap with a built-in battery that can charge Apple Watch (series 2/3/4) wirelessly, conveniently and quickly, anytime and anywhere. Go farther with Batfree!”

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