Battle Maps roleplaying map book hits Kickstarter from $30

battle maps book

Tabletop roleplaying gamers and dungeon masters looking for quick ways to carry and access a wide variety of different scenarios may be interested in a new immersive Battle Maps book created by Tanner Yarro. Watch the video below to learn more about the first book from the fantasy battle maps range which opens up to reveal 20 different maps measuring 22 x 17 inches.

As well as the Battle Maps book Tanner also providing optional reusable vinyl stickers that can be used to enhance your play areas further adding further immersion in detail to the environments within the book.

“Atlas Mundi’s Book of Battle Maps is ready. My friends and I have been playing on it and improving it for the past two months. And we have had amazing, ridiculous, and intense quests. This is cliche, but the biggest risk with this Kickstarter is that you miss out and don’t get this book while you can!

With these battle maps, you have a visible world. We feel like this gives you the ability to be more creative as a party- everybody in the group can be on the same page and the Dungeon Master can focus on DM’ing instead of drawing. So be creative, for your character and as a group!

Finally, these maps have made DD more engaging and faster for everybody at the table. Be open, be creative, and be spontaneous. Make your party’s quests through The Book of Battle Maps worth remembering.”

More details jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below where the printed Battle Maps book is available from $30.

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