Blueberry Board mechanical keyboard kit

Mechanical keyboard kit

Fancy building your very own mechanical keyboard? If you do then the Blueberry Board mechanical keyboard kit launched via Kickstarter this month is deathly worth more investigation. With pledges available from $100 the mechanical keyboard can be equipped with a choice of three different switches, blue, brown or red offering different specifications depending on your needs. Watch the introductory video below to learn more about the mechanical keyboard kit, its construction and features.

Mechanical keyboard

The Blueberry Board is compatible with both Apple macOS and Windows In the standard layout can be modified further and customise to your exact requirements to have “layers” of keys which can be easily activated from a program to switch. The layers can be used to add additional functionality such as a number pad, media keys and more. The keyboard also allows macros to be programmed to increase productivity if desired.

Mechanical keyboard

“The Blueberry Board is made to be your first DIY mechanical keyboard. It is easy and fun to build while also maintaining a degree of customizability. We want to expand this small hobby to the masses. Hotswap and solderable options are both available; hotswap is a quicker build process while soldering allows a more hands on process. Customizable case colors and materials coupled with switch choices allow the boards to retain the customizability factor that is so loved in this hobby.”

“We offer a variety of different models with differing feature sets. We wanted to make sure the Blueberry Board could fit as many people as possible and their respective workflows. The base model is simple and allows users to savor a build experience that results in a gorgeous keyboard at a lower price point. Underglow is super unique and illuminates the surrounding surface, creating an illusive aura. The RGB variants are filled with flashy backlights that stand out anywhere. Lastly, both case variants look stunning. The colored models look incredibly fun while the aluminum is aesthetically very clean. Clearly, you can’t go wrong with any of the Blueberry Boards!

Source: Kickstarter

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