Boardzilla EV4 Mountain electric skateboard

Boardzilla EV4 Mountain electric skateboard

A rugged off-road electric skateboard has been created by the team over at Boardzilla in the form of the EV4 Mountain Board which measures 117 cm long and is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium with custom-built components together with a few from Maytech and Trampa.

Boardzilla EV4 Mountain electric skateboard

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the latest electric skateboard from Boardzilla, equipped with a 36 V/12 Ah Li-ion battery and two 2,500 W belt driven motors on the rear wheels capable of accelerating the electric skateboard to a top speed of 40 km/h or 25 mph. for more details on the new electric skateboard which is priced at $2,100 jump over to the official product page for preorders. A non-electric version is also available priced at $700.

“Now also you can roam the streets and roads with the newest, smallest vehicle from the EV4. It is smaller then the rest of our vehicles but capabilities and looks it has allow it to compete in every aspekt with every other EV out there. If you are looking for vehicle for special assigments, that will make others comuters head spin and take you where you need to go faster and with a much bigger fun, you dont have to look more. Boardzilla is the vehicle you need. Electric Mountain Board with EV4 titlting system, extreme acceleration speeds and unique desing is finally ready and awaits you. We used some components from the top manufacturers and mixed them with our owne practices to get a incredible performance. Maksimum range is about 40 km so it can be a substitute to classical all day comutee vehicles.”

Technical specifications for EV4 Mountain Board

– Drive: 2x 2500W motors
– Battery: Li-Ion 36 V, 13 Ah
– Width: 26 cm
– Length:117 cm
– Weight: 15 kg with battery
– Range: 20-40km
– Speed: max. 40 km/h
– Suspension with tilting system
– Tires: TRAMPA 8”
– Transmission: Wheel pulleys with belt
– Aviation grade aluminum construction

Source: New Atlas :  EV4

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