Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot Goes On Sale In 2019

Boston Dynamics has released many videos which reveal just how far along it has come with its robots. One of its more advanced creations is the SpotMini robot which resembles a dog. The videos it has released of the SpotMini have shown the robot navigating around an office all by itself, opening a door, and even resisting being pushed by a human. The company will now start selling the SpotMini robot next year.

Boston Dynamics President Marc Raibert has confirmed that the company will start selling the SpotMini robot in 2019. It has 10 prototypes of the four-legged robot at the moment and is planning to build 100 units later this year. The company will work with its manufacturing partners to increase the production of the robot before it starts selling the SpotMini in 2019.

Right now there is no word on the one detail that many of us want to know. He didn’t say how much the SpotMini will cost when the time comes. His talk did detail the possible usages for the robot which include security patrols and management of construction sites. This is not a robot that’s meant to help you around the house, doing chores in the kitchen. It’s for very large businesses.

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