Boxlite Lamp wireless charger

Boxlite Lamp wireless charger

Boxlite has created a new wireless charger equipped with Qi charging technology in the form of the Lamp. A desktop accessory that not only provides illumination but also keeps your smartphone charged ready for action while at your desk. Watch the video below to learn more about the unique features and functionality of the combination minimalist desktop lamp and wireless charger.

“We are proud to introduce a lamp that is so truly unique that it redefines the entire category of lighting. You see, the Lamp is about so much more than just lighting – it’s a fashion statement, a symbol of professionalism, and a wireless charging station for all your devices. The Lamp is made with a unique technology and a clean design without all of the cables and joints that are associated with most desk lamps. But then again, The Lamp is no ordinary desk lamp, it is designed for the modern workspace and to match perfectly with your up-to-date mobile gear. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a trend-setting desk lamp at a 50-60% discounted price (just $269 USD for early bird backers). When The Lamp becomes available worldwide, it will retail for $599 USD – so get your hands on one now.”

Pledges are available from 200 to pounds early bird backers offering a 30% discount, with worldwide shipping expected to take place during July 2019. Specifications include :

Adjustable intensity and color temperature
– Relax: 2 Watt 250 Lux 2700k
– Computer: 5 Watt 700 Lux 3200k
– Drawing: 8 Watt 1200 Lux 4000k
Touch Controls
– Tap the touch sensor once to turn ON
– Tap again to change the intensity in 3 steps
– Hold the touch sensor to turn OFF
– Memory function (will use previous setting when you switch The Lamp back ON)
– WIRELESS Qi Charger 5V/1A (5 Watt)
– USB Port 5V/2,4A speed charge (12 Watt)
– 350x60x415 mm
– GW 1.06 Kg
– Power supply 5 VDC 26 Watt.


Source: Kickstarter

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