Canon Robotic camera system introduced ready for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Canon Robotic camera system

At CES 2020 this month Canon has unveiled its new robot camera system developed for specialist sports applications such as the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The CR-S700R Robotic Camera System can be used with the Canon 1D X Mark II or the new 1D X Mark III and one of just six compatible L lenses.

Canon says the system is “ideal to follow high-speed subjects,” and while the press release mentions its “compact and lightweight” design,. “Professional pan, tilt and zoom remote control solution for still photography, compatible with interchangeable lens cameras Canon remote head is centre-based, easy to install and offers intuitive controls from a single PC for one or multiple cameras, simultaneously capturing stills from a variety of angles at world-class events.”

Robotic camera

“A user can control multiple cameras/remote heads from one computer, grouping cameras and firing them simultaneously, improving image capture efficiency and workflow. Set camera shooting parameters with the Camera Remote Application and monitor multiple/individual cameras, from their Live View output, or via optional viewfinder or wide-angle overview cameras. Control the head via the app or an optional joystick or gaming controller.”

Features of the Canon CR-S700R Robotic Camera System :

– Centre-based system – Approx. 26 cm rotating radius (excluding the camera/lens)
– Support for multiple cameras/heads – Efficient single user operation with the Camera Remote Application
– Single ethernet cable – Provides signals for camera control, head operation and image data transfer
– XLR 3-pin 24 V power – Supports compatible, industry standard XLR power supplies
– 5 pre-set positions – Save and recall up to 5 pre-set pan/tilt/rotation and zoom positions

For full specifications jump over to the official Canon website by following the link below.

Source: Canon : PetaPixel

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