Cemtrex Smart Desk PC system from $4,500

Cemtrex Smart Desk PC

Cemtrex has built a new computer system integrated into a standing desk complete with three monitors and a wealth of connections including USB-C, audio and more. The Cemtrex Smart Desk PC system is priced at $4,500 the desk PC may not be everyone’s first choice but the workspace has been designed to provide users with an “advanced workstation combining and reimagining all the needs of the modern office in a beautiful, intuitive sit/stand desk”.

The desk includes a built-in scanner, wireless phone charger, integrated phone, sit and stand functionality as well as the company’s “ Stark Gesture System” demonstrated in the video below. Specifications of the computer inside the smart desk include an 8th-Generation Intel Core i7 Processor supported by GTX1050 graphics and up to 32GB (16×2) DDR4 with options to install up to 2 TB and a SSD 256GB M.2 PCIe drive.

Displays consist of three 24 inch 16:9 10-Point Touchscreen IPS screens offering users a resolution of 1920×1080 @ 60Hz and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. For more information jump over to the official Cemtrex SmartDesk PC system website by following the link below where it is now available to purchase the number of options available as well as two different finishes offering piano black or stealth black together with other options to tailor the smart desk to your exact requirements.

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