CircuitPython 5.0.0 Alpha 5 released

CircuitPython 5.0.0 Alpha 5 released

Over the weekend the CircuitPython 5.0.0 Alpha 5 has been released ready for testing by the CircuitPython community. 5.0.0 is the latest major revision of CircuitPython And bling is plenty of new features, improvements and enhancements to displayio. Including grayscale OLED and e-paper displays, extensive additions and changes to BLE support, support for the STM32F4 and Sony Spresense microcontrollers, and PWM audio support. Adafruit is asking those who find a bug to please check the current known issues and only file of the issue if something isn’t already known.

For more information on the new CircuitPython 5.0.0 Alpha 5 release jump over to the official Adafruit blog by following the link below.

New Features, Updates, and Fixes since 5.0.0 Alpha 4

  • Circuit Playground Bluefruit: disable onboard speaker by default. Thanks @jepler.
  • Adjust on-board DotStar brightness to accommodate different inherent brightnesses for different versions of DotStars. Thanks @dhalbert.
  • Add microprocessor.cpu.voltage to measure voltage supplied to chip. Thanks @dhalbert.
  • Better PyPortal Titano display support. Thanks @brentru and @ladyada.
  • Allocate two available I2C objects on Circuit Playground Bluefruit and Arduino Nano 33 BLE to accommodate on-board I2C sensors. This is at the expense of dropping down to a single SPI peripheral.
  • Remember original specified PWMOut duty cycle and use when recalculating to avoid accumulating errors. Thanks @theacodes.
  • Allow setting max USB packet size for MSC. Thanks @kamtom480.
  • Parameterize stack location and limits. Thanks @kamtom480.
  • Support __bytes__() builtin. Thanks @tannewt.
  • Improve unix build support for undefined architectures. Thanks @jerryneedell.
  • Fix various minor code problems found by automated code-scanning tool. Thanks @jepler.
  • Update lib/tinyusb to fix HID issues. Thanks @dhalbert and @hathach.
  • Update frozen modules. Thanks @tannewt.
  • On nrf, deactivate PWM on PWMOUT.deinit(). Thanks @jepler.
  • nrf: use analog reference voltage that matches other ports. Thanks @jepler.
  • Additional German translations. Thanks @Retoc, @Senuros, and @kickbutts.
  • Addition Pinyin translations. Thanks @hexthat.
  • Improve rtc documentation. Thanks @theacodes.
  • Improve automation of module support matrix in documentation. Thanks @sommersoft.
  • Improve README.rst. Thanks @darkmusic.
  • atmel-samd: Fixes for AnalogOut and AudioOut. Thanks @jepler.
  • Remove unsupported ports from ports source tree. Thanks @dhalbert.
  • Stop running unneeded thread tests, which sometimes break the builds. Thanks @jepler.
  • Always build certain modules needed by all ports. Thanks @hierophect.
  • Improve release build handling. Thanks @tannewt.
  • Make build fail when boards are missing. Thanks @tannewt.
  • Do not re-upload release assets already uploaded. Thanks @tannewt.


Source: Adafruit

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