CircuitPython 5.0.0 Beta 0 released

CircuitPython 5

The Adafruit team have this week announced the release of the CircuitPython 5.0.0 beta.0. Beta, offering a largely feature-complete release of the latest CircuitPython platform, although it is still under testing. If you are looking for a stable release your best to install and download CircuitPython 4.0 until Adafruit are completely happy with the latest release.

“CircuitPython 5.0.0 is the latest major revision of CircuitPython. It features many improvements and enhancements to displayio, including grayscale OLED and e-paper displays, extensive additions and changes to BLE support, support for the STM32F4 and Sony Spresense microcontrollers, and PWM audio support.”

New Features, Updates, and Fixes since 5.0.0 Alpha 5 :

– The _bleio module API has been reworked. There is now a Connection class which manages BLE service discovery. Advertising and initial connection setup have been moved to Adapter. Central, Peripheral, and Scanner have been removed. Thanks @tannewt, and thanks @dhalbert for reviews and bugfixes.
– STM32F4 port: All thanks to @hierophect.
– urandom now uses the on-chip random number generator.
– Support neopixel_write.
– Raise STM32F405 clock speed.
– Add microsecond delay routines.
– Shut off DAC when not in use.
– Add default board.I2C(), board.SPI(), and board.UART() devices.
– Support displayio.
– Refactor pin-reset and pin-never-reset routines to common-hal. Thanks @hierophect.
– GitHub Actions: do not try to upload to Amazon S3 if running in a fork. Thanks @jepler.
– Prevent build issues due to xargs overflow. Thanks @jepler.
– Allow boards to change USB interface description text, replacing the default “CircuitPython”. Thanks @theacodes.
– Fix displayio.I2CDisplay reset issue. Thanks @makermelissa.
– Allow board builds to to enable @micropython.native decorator. Thanks @theacodes.

Source: Adafruit

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