Collapsible reusable shipping box complete with E Ink label

Reusable shipping box

To help curb the amount of packaging recycling required when shipping products to consumers. The development team at Living Packets has created a new reusable shipping box that is not only smart but also secure and sustainable. The start-up has already won an innovation award at this week’s CES 2020 and was a Green Alley Award finalist last year. The unique reusable shipping box can be quickly collapsed and includes a reusable E Ink label making it even easier to change destinations or update details electronically.

Reusable shipping box


“LivingPackets is changing the rules and making packaging finally intelligent. From your smartphone, you have access to packaging, shipping, tracking, insurance, payments, and more with the highest security standards at any time. — At no additional cost. The resources on our planet are limited, we have no choice but to make goods recirculate and recycle materials. THE BOX is infinitely recyclable and circulates forever. Because it is reusable, THE BOX avoids packaging waste and saves 90% of CO2 emissions. It also eliminates toxic filling materials that pollute our environment. While most start-ups have to give away part of their companies to venture capital or investors to fund their projects, we prefer to share with Customers and Sharing-Angels who will make THE BOX a success.”

“Produced in millions, THE BOX will be available for 2 billion ecommerce customers worldwide providing ecofriendly packaging. Even at no additional cost for customers it is an extremely profitable business. Participate directly to this success: We’ll share 50% of these profits with you as long as necessary until you get your guaranteed 5 x multiple of your contribution.”

For more information on the reusable shipping box which is currently at the beginning of its journey jump over to the Living Packets website by following the link below to help bring the idea into production.

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