Dainese Smart Jacket biker airbag vest $699

Dainese biker airbag vest

Motorcyclists searching for a means of staying safe in the event of an accident might be interested in a new airbag vest unveiled by Dainese, aptly named the Smart Jacket. The new wearable can be worn under or over any kind of protective jacket or suit and has been designed to be flexible and unobtrusive when not required. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the protective airbag rest which its designers say provides the equivalent shock absorption of seven back protectors.

Dainese Smart Jacket

“The Smart Jacket offers the protection of the most advanced Dainese D-air airbag technology used in MotoGP, in a versatile vest that fits any rider. It can be worn over or under any other jacket or outfit and it requires no connection with the motorcycle. Plus, it is well-ventilated and easily foldable. It combines all the power of the latest-generation Dainese D-air and the convenience of a garment with a thousand uses.”

For more details on the Dainese Smart Jacket and purchasing options jump over to the company’s official website by following the link below. The Smart Jacket offers perfect ventilation for warmer days and its advanced technology can withstand any downpour or weather conditions.

Source: Dainese : New Atlas

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