Dauntless Fortune and Glory update Trials mode explained

Dauntless Fortune and Glory update

Jesse Houston Co-founder at games development studio Phoenix Labs has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal more details about what you can expect from the Trials mode that will be headlining the new Fortune and Glory update that will be rolling out to the beast-battling RPG Dauntless next week.

The Dauntless Fortune and Glory update will be rolling out to players on July 16th, 2019 and “is all about answering the call to prove you’re the best Slayer in the Shattered Isles”.

“This is our first major content update since we launched in May, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Trials are Slayers’ first introduction to Lady Luck, an enigmatic figure who arrives in Ramsgate with an entire island in tow. Lady Luck is the catalyst to kick off Trials in Dauntless, an experience that pits Slayers against difficult Behemoth encounters with unique modifiers and aggressive fauna, ensuring that even veteran Slayers will experience something new and challenging with each Trial.

Trials are time-based, and allow you to see how you rank against your fellow Behemoth Slayers on the Wall of Champions outside Lady Luck’s shop. The Wall of Champions includes both solo and group Trials leaders, so team up or go alone and see if you can earn some bragging rights!

Successfully completing a Trial will net you with a new currency type — Marks. Steel Marks are earned through “Normal” difficulty and used to purchase gameplay-impacting rewards such as weapon mods and alternate specials. Completing “Dauntless”-difficulty Trials rewards Slayers with Gilded Marks, currency used to purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards from Lady Luck’s shop. Both Steel and Gilded Marks are exclusive to Lady Luck’s shop, and can only be earned through Trials.”

For more details on the new Dauntless Fortune and Glory update which will be officially released in just under a week’s time on July 16th jump over to the official PlayStation blog by following the link below.

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