Dell recalls hybrid laptop power adapters

Dell’s Hybrid Power Adapter is a cool way to keep your laptop running when you don’t have a wall outlet nearby, but sadly some models have been found to pose a safety risk. Dell has issued a recall for versions of the combo power brick and battery bank made between January 2017 and March 2017 after 11 reports of them breaking and exposing internal components, which creates a shock risk.

It looks like about 8,900 of the adapters are affected in the US, plus another 475 in Canada.

If you see the manufacturing code CN-05G53P – LOC00 – XXX – XXXX – AXX (where X is a number) printed on the back then you are affected. The adapters were sold through both Dell’s website as well as Amazon, Microcenter and other internet retailers.

Dell is continuing to sell later versions of the device and also offering free replacements to people who are affected by the recall, so you are not out of luck if you like what the hybrid power adapter offers. Make sure that you check to see if you are affected by this recall so that you can get your device replaced if you need to as soon as possible and keep your laptop running in a pinch.

Source Engadget

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