Details on Nintendo Switch Online Service

Last month we heard that details of Nintendo’s online service were expected to be revealed this month, and now Nintendo has published details about the upcoming online service on its website, which includes pricing as well as the various features that gamers can expect from it.

Nintendo plans on launching the service this year. The service will cost $19.99 for one year, but you can purchase monthly subscriptions at $3.99 a month or $7.99 in blocks of 3 months. You’ll notice that it is much cheaper than what the competition is offering.

But is it worth it? According to Nintendo, purchasing a subscription to the Switch’s online service will give gamers access to a bunch of NES games that support online play. There will be 20 titles at launch and more will be added over time. This is somewhat similar to what Microsoft offers with its Games with Gold feature, although Nintendo’s offerings are obviously older.

There will also be special offers and deals for subscribers and data cloud backup. Right now games are still free to enjoy online, but in the future, if you’re hoping to play games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or the upcoming Super Smash Bros. online, then you’ll need to subscribe to the service which is set for a launch in September 2018.

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