Dr. Mario World arrives on iOS a day early

Dr. Mario is here to save the day. At least on iOS, since Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Dr. Mario World, has arrived a day early on iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. People are playing Nintendo’s puzzler before the expected launch date of July 10th. Sorry Android users, the game isn’t live on Android just yet. At least not at the moment.

The Google Play page simply offers pre-registration, but no downloads for now as of yet.

Lately, it has become a trend for mobile games to drop a day or so earlier than expected, which is great for fans of these games. We saw the same thing happen with Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a few weeks ago. Pushing out mobile titles ahead of schedule actually helps developers and publishers avoid a sudden impact on their servers that might disrupt the player experience, so it is a smart move. iPhone players can play a day early and enjoy themselves without having crashes that would ruin the game for them. It stinks that Android players will have to wait, but it will arrive for them as soon as the developer can make it happen. Then they can enjoy the game as well.

Source Engadget

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