Ecobee eco+ smart thermostat feature rolls out to save you money

Ecobee eco+ smart thermostat

Ecobee has announced the rollout of its new Ecobee eco+ feature which takes the form of a free upgrade that supercharges ecobee thermostats for maximum efficiency with minimal effort, and has been created to save money on your bills. eco+ has been in testing for a while, but it’s now rolling out to the Ecobee3, Ecobee3 lite, Ecobee4, and Ecobee smart thermostats with voice control.

“Our products are designed to deliver comfort without compromise and help the planet by maximizing energy efficiency. Introducing eco+, a free software upgrade for ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control. eco+ unlocks additional energy savings by making recommendations and adjusting for Your household’s schedule and indoor humidity, Real-time energy demand in your community and Peak/off-peak electricity pricing (if applicable)”

– Effortless energy savings – Just select your preferred savings level from 5 options and sit back and relax as your thermostat’s schedule and settings are optimized for you—like magic!

– Timing is everything – Take advantage of time-of-use electricity rates in your area. eco+ intelligently precools or preheats the home at times of day when electricity prices are low.*

– Receive home energy use snapshots – Track what you save, see how your savings compare with other ecobee users, and get monthly energy reports with helpful tips.

Source: Ecobee : Android Police

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