ECS Liva mini PC systems introduced at CES 2019

ECS Liva mini PC

At CES 2019 this week ECS has been showcasing its new tiny Liva mini PC which has been specifically designed for artificial intelligent machine, commercial and entertainment applications. Equipped with AMD Ryzen processors the range of new mini PC systems offers optional Alexa integration as well as providing Intel’s Movidius hardware to recognise objects in real-time using cameras.

“Smart living is becoming the new trend in the modern society. ECS as a professional IT provider will be announcing the powerful voice-activated devices with on-site demo at CES. We will present our new product ‘’Sirocco’’: a battery-powered access point which provides voice activated user interface for voice service devices, allowing users to get answers or control smart home devices from anywhere in their homes.”

“As artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in everyday life, ECS has implemented AI technologies in our LIVA Mini PC production and designs to create much more cost-efficient and advanced platforms. Furthermore, ECS will present its ‘’Whirlwind’’ AI built-in display, which can communicate with your smart home kits across multiple platforms. With user-friendly interface that simplifies the system operating process, Whirlwind can make monitoring and managing the devices much easier.“

Full range includes Ecs Liva Q2 with Intel Gemini Lake processor, ECS SF110-A320 (AMD) and Liva One H310 (Intel), ECS Liva One with Amazon Alexa, ECS Liva M520 with Intel’s AI engine, ECS Liva Z2 and Z2V and ECS Livas One Plus CL. For a quick hands-on overview of each jump over to the Liliputing website by following the link below where Brad Linder has been on the CES 2019 show floor bringing you the latest on new hardware launching in the near future.

Source: Liliputing

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