European Court says that Facebook can be ordered to remove illegal content


More bad news for Facebook today, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the company can now be ordered to remove illegal content from its platform.

The court has ruled that this includes comments that are deemed illegal, the comments and any illegal content must be removed from Facebook’s platform worldwide not just in the EU.

The ruling occurred after a former politician Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek sued Facebook after one of their users posted defamatory comments online.

Under that directive, a host provider such as Facebook is not liable for stored information if it has noknowledge of itsillegal nature or if it actsexpeditiously to remove or to disable access to that information as soon as it becomes aware of it.That exemption does not, however, prevent the host provider from being ordered to terminate or prevent an infringement, including by removing the illegal information or by disabling access to it.However, the directive prohibits any requirement for the host provider to monitor generally information which itstoresor to seek actively facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity.

So now Facebook will have to remove content from the host country where the illegal content is posted from. Facebook must also limit worldwide access to the content, so basically it must remove it or block it worldwide.

Source ECJ (PDF), Engadget

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