Everyday Plastic report follows the path of plastic

Everyday Plastic report follows the path of plastic

With plastic particles now being discovered in humans and the amount of plastic being used in packaging already at ridiculous levels, causing world wide issues and ocean waste. To help spread awareness of the plastic problem Daniel Webb has carried out his own experiment collecting all the plastic he used in a year and revealing where it ended up.

Daniel has created a report which is now available via Kickstarter where pledges will be used to continue raising awareness. “Shortly after moving to Margate on the Kent coast in 2016, I quickly learned that I wasn’t provided with a recycling service at my flat or the local waste management centre. I found myself wondering how I could avoid buying plastic or how I could dispose of it responsibly. Along with the copious items of plastic I was seeing on the beach and on the streets, I started to question my own i

“Everyday Plastic: what we throw away and where it goes is a seminal report that for the first time, explores one individual’s impact on the plastic problem. Its aims are simple: To present real time and authentic statistics in a straightforward way To encourage a greater understanding amongst everyday people by establishing a personal connection with the plastic problem. So far, Everyday Plastic has been entirely self-funded and self-operated. It’s taken two amazing years of hard work to get it to this point, and now I’m looking to shift it up a gear.”

For a full list of all available pledges and more information on the background behind the Everyday Plastic report jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page by following the link below.


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