FCC Filing Hints At A SNES Controller For The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has several controllers designed for use with it. You have the default Joy-Cons that come with pretty much every console, then there’s the Pro controller for gamers who want better ergonomics. Aside from that, there is also support for the GameCube controllers who gamers who love playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with that controller.

Well, now it looks like we could be getting another controller for the Switch, thanks to a recent FCC filing which suggests that Nintendo could actually be working on a SNES-like controller designed for the Nintendo Switch. The diagram that accompanied that FCC filing has more or less given us an idea of what we can expect.

Right now, details are scarce, but hopefully, we’ll have more details on this potential controller soon. This isn’t a completely unprecedented move by Nintendo, who previously launched retro NES controllers for the Switch, so it isn’t really surprising. Fans would love it if they launched SNES controllers for the Switch.

Hopefully, these SNES controllers, whenever they do launch, will live up to the original controllers that we all used with the SNES. I know that I would love to use these controllers with the Nintendo Switch.

Source Ubergizmo

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