Figur8 offers affordable motion capture without the need for cameras

affordable Motion capture

Figur8 has developed a range of sensors sensors to provide an easy way to capture body movement for athletes, dancers or any application that would like to track body movements. The award-winning Figur8 FlexTech Sensor combines lightweight, low-profile design together with highly accurate linear displacement sensors and 9-axis inertial measuring units. To provide” muscle activation timing and intensity with joint angles, acceleration and motion in the 3D space” says Figur8.

affordable Motion capture

The system has been created to provide users with the world’s most cost-effective and portable system for accurately assessing quality of movement And can be used in any environment. Enabling users to collect sophisticated movement data without cumbersome and expensive cameras.

Applications include :

– Full body assessments provide athletes insights into strengths and weaknesses to focus their training to achieve specific and measurable goals.
– Objective evaluations improve therapy outcomes, decrease healthcare spend and allow clinicians to scale to manage a larger population of patients more effectively.
– Onsite evaluation of personnel and tasks provide insight critical to reducing workplace injuries and minimizing worker compensation costs.

For more details and to obtain a quote jump over to the official Figur8 website by following the link below.

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