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Flickr Pro 6K

Over the weekend Flickr has tripled the size of images that can be displayed via Flickr Pro accounts taking supported resolutions up to 6K. Previously images were displayed at a resolution of 3 megapixels or 2048×1534 pixel resolutions, now thanks to the upgrade images are around 28 megapixels or 6144×4602 pixel resolutions perfect for high resolution displays.

All new and previously uploaded photos from Flickr Pros with an original size larger than 6K will automatically be displayed in the largest size possible on Flickr, or the largest size set in your preferences. Smaller photos will be displayed in the largest size possible for the original media. The maximum display size for free members is unchanged at 2K, but why not upgrade now to unlock high-res display for the photos you’ve already uploaded?

Flickr “product guy” Casey Bisson explains a little more.

“We’re tripling our maximum display size for Flickr Pros up to 6K so you can show your photos off in all their pixel perfect glory. The maximum display size of photos is increasing from 2048px on the longest side to 6144px (6K). Now you’ll be able to show off every single detail perfectly on the latest monitors and displays.

The new display size is available to all Flickr Pro subscribers now, and I have to tell you I’m enjoying browsing the public uploads in high resolution. Not all photos are available in the largest size, but here are a few that are particularly stunning when viewed on a large display with pixel-for-pixel clarity.”

More information jump over to the official Flickr help forums by following the link below.

Source: Flickr : Peta Pixel

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