Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB Premium gaming keyboard

Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB Premium gaming keyboard

Fujitsu has this week launched a new premium gaming keyboard in the form of the Realforce R2 RGB which is now available to purchase priced at $399. The new gaming keyboard features Topre’s best-in-class capacitive key switches, customisable backlighting with over 16 million colour combination options. Together with an ergonomic shaped frame and key setting designed to reduce hand and finger fatigue during those long gaming sessions. Fujitsu has finished the professional keyboard with double shot keycaps to improve key texture and provide fade resistance.

Features of the Topre Realforce RGB keyboard includes :

– Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switch that enables extremely smooth key press with an appealing key sound and no chattering
– Ergonomic Shaped Frame and Key Settings contoured frame help to reduce hand and finger fatigue
– RGB Per-Key Backlighting with over 16.8 million colors available, allowing users to customize keyboards backlighting with in-the-box software
– Double Shot Keycaps with improved key texture and fade resistant characters
– Full N-Key Rollover can keep up with any number of keystrokes and ensure users are always in control
– Software that allows users to program actuation points and backlit colors with ease

“Topre has spent years developing the REALFORCE R2 in Japan, paying close attention to design details, including feel, the layout and shape of the keys as well as overall functionality,” said Yasunari Shimizu, President and CEO, Fujitsu Computer Products of America; sole authorized seller of REALFORCE in US. “The REALFORCE R2 RGB joins a family of legendary Topre REALFORCE keyboards designed to deliver a level of performance that is optimized for a remarkable keyboard experience – from gaming to programmers to keyboard enthusiasts and beyond.”

Source:  Fujitsu

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