GELID SubZero M.2 XL M.2 SSD cooling kits

M2 SSD cooling kits

GELID Solutions has this week introduced its new SubZero M.2 XL M.2 SSD cooling kits which are now available priced at just $10 or nine euros to help bring your M.2 SSD temperatures down to a more reasonable level when under heavy load. Features of the cooling kits include :Extreme Performance Cooling, Lightweight Slim Design, Ultra Durable Silicone Fixtures, Quick Easy Mounting and support for all M.2 Type 22100 SSD.


“The SubZero M.2 XL is designed to cool down the M.2 Type 22110 SSD efficiently and prevents thermal throttling. It helps to improve performance, increase durability and enhance data integrity of the solid-state drives. The SubZero M.2 XL uses the ultra-slim aluminum heatsink and the specially crafted thermal pads to deliver the best heat transfer and to maintain significantly lowered operating temperatures for memory ICs and other electronic components of the M.2 SSD.

Additionally, the set of 3 ultra-durable silicone ring fixtures is supplied with the SubZero M.2 XL to ensure safe mounting of the heatsinks. The SubZero M.2 XL features quick installation and fits all standard M.2 Type 22110 SSD designed for laptops or desktops. The SubZero M.2 XL significantly improves cooling of the M.2 SSD. Therefore, operating temperature of the supported SSD becomes much lower. The SubZero M.2 XL helps to maintain temperature within the normal range under any workload and prevents thermal throttling from activation.”

For more details on the GELID SubZero M.2 XL M.2 SSD cooling kits jump over to the official website by following the link below.

Source: GELID Solutions

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