Google Assistant Has A Second Voice Option In Nine Countries

Google Assistant is very useful for Android users. It’s all about user experience. This was the reason Google has added almost 11 different voices for U.S users (this included John Legend‘s voice).

Now, they want to expand the ability to have more voice options to nine different countries (with nine different languages). While not everyone is looking forward to it, it adds another way to personalize your experience with the Google Assistant.

For English – both India and the UK will have a secondary voice option to choose from. The availability of other languages will depend on where you live. You can find the option to change the voice in the settings of your Assistant app.

Google no longer filters the voice for gender – instead, they are moving to color codes (like orange and red). The new voice options are orange and red. These new voices are all built with DeepMind’s state-of-the-art WaveNet technology. So, even though they are synthetic, they are made to sound very natural.

If you already own an Android device, you can check out the Assistant’s settings to use the second voice option. But, if you’re setting up Google Assistant for the first time, the voice will be randomly assigned with a 50-50 chance of getting either the ‘red’ or ‘orange’ voice. This is just a part of Google’s experiment to see what people like more and whether they change it later.

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