Google Chrome Dark Mode Is Coming

Dark mode is a popular user interface feature that’s increasingly being adopted by more platforms and apps. Samsung added a system-wide dark mode with its One UI skin for Android 9 Pie. Apple is also said to be working on a dark mode for the next major iOS update. Everyone is doing it it seems. Now we learn that Google has been developing this option for its Chrome browser as well.

Google Chrome already kind of has a dark mode, the Incognito mode. Of course, this isn’t official and it doesn’t black out everything but it does a good job of differentiating it from the default Google window.

One of the browser’s Canary test builds has now received the dark mode feature. It looks similar to the Incognito mode at first glance, it takes the dark theme further in Google’s browser. There will even be dark text in the menus.

It may be a while before Google opens up this feature to all users. It has just been added to the Nightly Canary builds so there might be some wait before Google avails this feature to all users. The dark mode has also been spotted on the dev channel for Chrome for Windows a few weeks ago. If you like the dark mode that is some good news.

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