Google ‘s search algorithm will now highlight original reporting


Google is making some changes to its search algorithm which will apparently highlight original reporting.

This change will apparently help highlight website and publications that produce original reporting and then highlight these over other websites who may also report the same or similar story.

An important element of the coverage we want to provide is original reporting, an endeavor which requires significant time, effort and resources by the publisher. Some stories can also be both critically important in the impact they can have on our world and difficult to put together, requiring reporters to engage in deep investigative pursuits to dig up facts and sources.  These are among the reasons why we aim to support these industry efforts and help people get access to the most authoritative reporting.

Recently, we’ve made ranking updates and published changes to our search rater guidelines to help us better recognize original reporting, surface it more prominently in Search and ensure it stays there longer. This means readers interested in the latest news can find the story that started it all, and publishers can benefit from having their original reporting more widely seen.

It will be interesting to see how this change in search results work, it will be good that Google will now highlight a publication that breaks a story, rather than other site who may also report on it.

In technology news many small sites break these stories but are overshadowed by larger more prominent publications, so it will be good need for companies like this.

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