Google Tests Chrome Global Play Button

One of the annoying things that websites often do is load music and videos in the background without your permission. This can be startling if you are loading up multiple tabs and suddenly music starts blaring and you have no idea where it is coming from. We hate this.

Google has tried to address this in the past by introducing icons that show which tabs are playing audio or video. After that Google introduced the ability to mute tabs that are playing, but now they have another strategy according to a report. Google may introduce a global “Play” button to Chrome. This would put the button in the browser’s toolbar where users will be able to see what is currently playing, even if the tab you’re in isn’t the tab that is playing the audio or video.

You won’t need to interrupt your current browsing session and you can just play or pause the background audio or video without having to switch to that tab. It looks like this feature is in the testing phase right now.

It is a bit buggy still so it is far from being ready. It should eventually find its way to the main release of Chrome very soon.

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