GPD Win 2 mini laptop upgraded with new CPU and storage options


Mini laptop manufacturers GPD this week announced that the GPD WIN 2 will now be updated to now use the M3-8100Y together with a number of important upgrades increasing the performance and power of the pocket laptop. In addition to processor upgrades, the built-in SSD is also Available to upgrade to 256GB.

As well as processor and storage upgrades the design has been enhanced to aid heat dissipation with the power control IC and SSD no longer superimposed together, allowing the heat to be more easily dispersed.

New specifications for the GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC include :

– Intel Core m3-8100Y processor (upgraded from Core m3-7Y30)
– 256GB SSD (upgraded from 128GB)
– Faster microSD card read/write speeds (theoretical top speeds of 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write when you use an A2 microSD card)
– Improved audio (higher volume, less distortion)
– Improved heat dissipation due to new motherboard design
– Support for 5V charging


Source: @softwincn and /r/GPDWin : Liliputing

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