GRIGA spanner multitool

GRIGA spanner multitool

A new EDC multitool has been created by Frances Rice and Greg Bould the form of a new lightweight spanner which offers 12 fundamental uses and has been designed by “technicians for technicians” say it’s creators. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about each function of the £35 multitool.

GRIGA spanner multitool

“We hope you love the GRIGA as much as we do. Both of us continued working busy freelance schedules while developing GRIGA and have added elements as we progressed. This has manifested in streamlining the most essential functions into one compact and lightweight ergonomic hand tool to maximise performance and comfort for the end user. We found that carrying the tool everyday meant our rate of work was super efficient and hugely time saving! with repeat journeys back to the tool box a distant memory.”

“The initial product idea was born from more than 20 years experience as live event technicians, the pain of carrying multiples of cumbersome tools or not having the right tools when we really needed them, the quality and usability of some tools and the damage they can cause to lighting fixtures, clamps, and fasteners. We have carefully shaped the spanner openings so it grips the flat sides of the nuts and bolts to provide the best possible grip and mechanical advantage, making it impossible to damage and round off the corners. It will also allow you to undo a nut which has already been damaged.”

With pledges starting from £35 the GRIGA is now available via Kickstarter and will start shipping to backers during December 2019.

Source: Kickstarter

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