Grove Shield FeatherWing now available for all Feathers and Particle Mesh

Grove Shield FeatherWing

Adafruit has today announced the availability of its new Grove Shield FeatherWing which as the name suggests Feather development boards as well as Particle Mesh. The new shield is an add-under enabling users to easily interface with Seeed’s hundreds of Grove sensor modules with Particle Mesh as well as the Adafruit Feather range.

Grove Shield FeatherWing

“Working with Grove requires no soldering. Just plug the sensors, actuators, or displays into this shield via a Grove cable (not included), so you can focus on coding and making! You get 8 Grove connectors on this shield, including:

– 3 Grove analog connectors, 2 analog pins each, 6 analog pins in total
– 2 Grove digital connectors, 2 digital pins each, 4 digital pins in total;
– 2 Grove I2C connectors (these will also fit our 4-pin STEMMA connectors)
– 1 Grove UART connector

“If you’re using other Feather boards, and only using the UART (RX/TX), I2C (SDA/SCL) or analog pins (A0-A5), the numbering will match up just fine since that’s the same on pretty much all Feather boards (some, like the ESP8266, don’t have A1-A5 pins). But, for the digital connectors, you’ll need to look and match the pin numbers from the Feather you’ve got to a Particle Mesh board since many Feathers have different digital pin numbering. Or use a multimeter to verify connectivity. It’s not a big deal as long as you know to watch out for it, and it only affects the 2 digital connectors.”

The Grove Shield FeatherWing is now available to purchase from the official Adafruit online store priced at just $5.95.

Source: Adafruit

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