GTA Online Cheater Has To Pay $150,000 In Damages

Game Publishers do not like cheaters. Some will go to extreme lengths to get rid of them. Publishers sometimes use lawsuits to take them down and the latest sets a new precedent. A GTA Online cheat creator has been ordered to pay $150,000 in damages after a lawsuit was decided against him.

A court has ordered that Florida resident Jhonny Perez must pay $150,000 in damages as well as $66,869 in attorneys fees. He created and shared Elusive, a paid cheating tool for GTA Online which allowed players to have neverending money and other cheats.

Naturally, this affects other users in the game and breaks the game for all. What he did was an alleged violation of Take-Two Interactive’s copyright as well. The cheating tool also impacted the company’s in-game purchase model.

Perez took down Elusive last year after Take-Two reached out to them. He also promised the company that the proceeds made from this tool would be donated to charity. Take-Two asked him for financial records which showed how much money the tool had earned him and after he didn’t respond, the company decided to file for the judgment.

I guess it just shows that cheating doesn’t pay. In fact, cheaters may end up paying.

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