HackSpace magazine helps you build your first robot this month

HackSpace magazine

The latest issue of the fantastic HackSpace magazine, issue 19 is now available to download and purchase, offering a wealth of tips, tricks and insight as well as projects to keep you busy over the coming weeks. This month’s issue takes you through building your very own robot as well as testing maker GPS modules.

“Robots! We’re living in the 2019, but we don’t yet have robot butlers. We can’t get you all the way to your own electronic servant, but this month we show you how to build your own walking robot. What you do with it is up to you.”

Other features in this month’s HackSpace magazine include a look at the Liverpool MakerFest, polystyrene modelling, Particle Mesh and more. “The maker movement is growing and growing as ever more people take to sheds and makerspaces to hone their skills in woodworking, blacksmithing, crafting, and other creative techniques. HackSpace magazine brings together the incredible builds of makers across the world with how-to guides, tips and advice — and some utterly gorgeous photography.”

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