HiFive1 Rev B wireless open source RISC-V development platform

HiFive1 Rev B wireless open source RISC-V development platform

A new version of the HiFive1 wireless development platform has been rolled out via Crowd Supply this month announcing that the latest HiFive1 Rev B by SiFive is now powered by the FE310-G002 and offers wireless connectivity via the on-board Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module. Priced at just $49 the HiFive1 Rev B development board is now available to preorder and will start shipping during the middle of next month April 2019. The price includes free shipping throughout the United States and worldwide shipping is available for an additional $12.

“The FE310 is the first open source, commercially available RISC-V SoC. SiFive has contributed the FE310 RTL code to the open source community. Now you can see what’s inside the chip. The USB debugger has been upgraded to Segger J-Link, with support for drag drop code download. In favor of driving GPIO directly from the FE310, the HiFive1 Rev B supports 3.3 V I/O only.”

“By releasing the RTL code, SiFive wants to encourage open source development of both software that runs on RISC-V, as well as new RISC-V-based hardware. The RTL code empowers chip designers with the ability to customize their own SoC on top of the base FE310. For system architects, developers, or companies without chip design capabilities, SiFive’s “chips-as-a-service” can customize the FE310 to meet their unique needs.”

For more information on multiple purchase options as well as full specifications for the wireless open source RISC-V development platform, jump over to the Crowd Supply product page.

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