HoitBox personal cloud storage system with no subscription fees

personal cloud storage

HoitBox is an innovative personal cloud storage solution that requires no subscription fees allowing you to break free from storage limits and bring your cloud under your own roof. HoitBox is available in three different options offering a single bay, double bay or triple bay capacity allowing up to 24 TB of storage. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the personal cloud storage solution which is now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges from $594 and worldwide shipping expected to take place during August 2020.

“Imagine finding that file you need wherever you are—instantly. Have all your digital content in one place, in the privacy of your home or office, and backed up to a device you trust. No more mishmash of files on the phone, computer, thumb drive, and Dropbox. No more scattering your personal and sensitive data all over the internet. HoitBox helps you to centralize your digital life in one convenient location where you can quickly access your stuff via our mobile app or web service. “

“We’ve designed HoitBox as a one-stop cloud setup. No more of this, Step 1: Find mac address, Step 2: Static IP, Step 3: Port forwarding, and blah, blah-blah, blah-blah. HoitBox is so easy to set up that all you have to do is pair your device via Bluetooth and connect to your network via Wifi. Take that NAS!

“Life shouldn’t be limited by the capacity of your storage. You should have space for your entire digital life on every device you own. With HoitBox, when you need more space just keep on stacking (up to 3 bays). Our expandable, stackable drives give you up to 24TB. That’s like 12,000 hours of movies or 4,800,000 photos!”

Source: Kickstarter

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