HTC VIVE Pro Eye VR headset launches with eye tracking for $1,599

VIVE Pro Eye VR headset

HTC has this week announced the availability of its new enterprise edition VIVE Pro Eye virtual reality headset in North America with prices starting from $1,599. One of the main features of the new headset is its new eye tracking technology which has been incorporated after requests from enterprise customers, says HTC.

VIVE Pro Eye

The new hardware has been designed for businesses to carry out training and simulation, consumer feedback and analytics, and gaze-oriented navigation, among many more, says HTC. Watch the promotional video below to learn more. “Track analyze eye movement, attention focus. Create more immersive virtual simulations. Gain insights about user performance and interaction. Improve training scenarios. Open the door to deeper data analysis.”

Specifications of the VIVE Pro Eye

– Precision Eye Tracking: Create more expressive avatars for immersive virtual interactions in meeting and collaboration tools.
– Dynamic Training Environments: Simulate real-life scenarios and provide users with intelligent performance feedback.
– Deeper Data Analysis: Capture real-time user feedback through heatmapping and gaze tracking to gain insight into user behavior and decision processes.
– Intuitive User Experiences: Enable gaze-orientated menu navigation to remove the need for controllers and boost convenience of use in environments such as VR arcades or location-based entertainment.
– Increased Efficiency and Quality: Experience the benefits of foveated rendering to focus GPU power on exactly where the user is looking to increase computing efficiency and image quality.

Source: HTC

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