IBM Hypertaste robotic tongue identifies complex liquids

IBM Hypertaste

Researchers and engineers at IBM have created a new artificial intelligent robotic tongue called the Hypertaste, designed to use taste to identify complex liquids in a portable device. Hypertaste proves that rapid fingerprinting of complex liquids is possible a capability currently lacking in the toolkit of chemical analytics. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more.

“The human sense of taste is the result of millennia of evolution. And its astoundingly good at letting us enjoy pleasant foods and beverages as well as warning us against ingesting harmful substances. Man-made sensors, on the other hand, have yet to approach the ease with which our taste buds recognize substances. This is a significant technological gap, as there are many substances out there that we would like to “taste” without actually putting them in our mouth. For the rapid and mobile fingerprinting of beverages and other liquids less fit for ingestion, our team at IBM Research is currently developing Hypertaste, an electronic, AI-assisted tongue that draws inspiration from the way humans taste things.”

For more details on the Hypertaste robotic tongue jump over to the official IBM Research Blog.

Source: IBM

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