Ikea will invest heavily in Ikea Home Smart

Ikea Home Smart

Ikea launched their Home Smart devices back in 2012 and now the company has announced that it has big plans for its smart home devices.

Ikea is launching their Home Smart as its own business unit within Ikea, the company will be investing in the new unit and will be using it to develop a range of smart home devices.

“We have decided to invest significantly in Home Smart across IKEA to fast-forward the development. This is the biggest New Business we are establishing since the introduction of Children’s IKEA,” says Peter van der Poel, Manager IKEA Range Supply.

Since the beginning in 2012, IKEA Home smart has set out to enrich all aspects of IKEA by incorporating digital elements and technologies into products and solutions. Launches within the product areas of wireless charging, smart lighting and just recently smart sound at home together with SONOS are all examples of the success to do so. Besides that IKEA has also created an own eco system and app for smart lighting first introduced as TRÅDFRI, and in June changed name to IKEA Home smart app.

You can find out more details about Ikea’s plans for their smart home devices over at the company’s website at the link below.

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